Walk With Alice in a Winterland

by Regina Kenney

The story of Alice and Wonderland has come to London’s Southwark Park. This immersive lantern and lights festival is the perfect way to start the holiday season.


From now until 5th January 2019, you can walk the story of Alice & Wonderland in a beautiful art display of characters.


The exhibit includes many different interactive aspects including voice-over readings and a booth that the Cheshire cat will mimic your movements.


The characters are absolutely beautiful and really give a different perspective of the tale as you walk through the story.

My favorite part was seeing all the animal structures. The Things to Do Ltd team (which created this lights and lanterns festival) really captured the whimsy of the Alice and Wonderland story. It is an extremely relaxing atmosphere (and so nice to get outside for fresh air during the colder months!)


This would be a great event to bring kids to and there’s even a Santa’s workshop at the end to get your holiday photos.



Huge thanks to LovePopUpsLondon.com for the opportunity to see this festival. You can buy tickets here.


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