Marshmallows Roasting by an Open Lake

by Regina Kenney

Swimming, drinking, and roasting marshmallows on a campfire – what s’more could you ask for? (I’ll show myself out.)

The Secret Adventures Lake Swim, Cocktails & Campfire is a great way to step into nature and relax away from the city.

IMG_7105 (1)

This Pop-Up bar is located at the West Reservoir, a beautiful private swim club complete with changing facilities and a wonderful reception area.

The lake itself is breath-taking. We got there just as the sun was setting that provided a calming backdrop.


The Pop-Up bar serves food and cocktails and is situated near the lake. There are two campfires going and free marshmallows for roasting.

This was a relaxing evening. Felt as though we had traveled miles from the city though it was just a short bus ride away. Highly recommend this spot.

IMG_7107 (1)

Big thanks to and Secret Adventures for this experience.

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