Get Your Gatsby On at an Immersive Theater Party

by Regina Kenney

Plunge into the 1920s party scene with an insanely amazing cast playing characters from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby at the Gatsby Drugstore venue.

IMG_5267This production/party seemingly threads the story of Gatsby into a happening party. Throughout the night, you will experience phenomenal scenes and watch the story unfold between cocktails and dancing.

In this enormous venue, which includes a speak-easy type bar and a grand ballroom, there are many rooms to explore and characters to interact with. You will enjoy era-inspired cocktails and even learn how to Charleston with the cast.

Advice: DRESS like the 1920s. The people who didn’t really stood out. 

What struck me about this performance was, like the book, it threads a care-free party atmosphere with devastatingly intense scenes. The acting is superb (especially the actors who play Jay Gatsby, Myrtle Wilson and Nick Carraway) and the momentum is kept throughout the night.

IMG_5220This would be a fantastic event to bring a date or a group of people who are ready to don pearls and fascinators and immerse themselves in a different time.

Huge thanks to and The Immersive Ensemble for the opportunity to enjoy this production. 




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