Sounds & Sorcery: A Tactile Musical Experience at The Vaults

by Regina Kenney

In celebration of Micky Mouse’s 90th anniversary, The Vaults is putting on a phenomenal musical/art experience called “Sounds and Sorcery.”


You are provided with headphones in the foyer before entering a large space filled with different rooms decorated to fit the various songs from Disney’s Fantasia.

There’s a mushroom room, a water room, a volcano room (my personal favorite) and two live performances. Upon entering each room, your headphones will automatically change to the tune that inspired the room’s design.

The highlight of the experience was the live performance of ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Using the basic plotline of the Disney film, the dancers truly bring you into the music and display the depth of emotion from Stokowski’s piece.


It is a calming walk through the exhibit. The combination of colors, light, textures, and music provide a surreal atmosphere to just look, listen and enjoy. I certainly have never seen an exhibit quite like it before, and highly recommend this event.



Huge thanks to and The Vaults for providing me with this amazing experience. 

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