Taking a Ride on the Thames Rocket

by Regina Kenney

Like riding fast in boats while listening to music? Then the Thames Rocket is for you.


Located next to the London Eye, the Thames Rocket takes groups of people down the Thames in a small speedboat while giving an interesting tour of London’s history and bridge facts. Though I have been on many tours in London, I didn’t know any of the factoids and discussed and was fascinated by all the historic spots you can see while on the Thames.


The sights are incredible. Moving down the river gives you a unique perspective on the city and gives a good impression for just how big London is and how much history it contains.

Our tour guide was fantastic. He had great energy and kept the group entertained the entire time.

Once you’ve passed Tower bridge and get to the quieter side of the Thames, its time to rock n’ roll. The boat blares awesome tunes and zips fast around the Thames. It is a thrilling experience.

At the end of the tour, you get a cocktail and the boat will stop at picturesque spots so the guide can take your photo.



Huge thanks to Thames Rocket and Love Pop Ups London for this experience!




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