Dinosaurs in The Wild: Utterly Unique and Amazing Experience

This was without a doubt the BEST museum/learning experience I have had.

I thought Dinosaurs in the Wild would be a dinosaur museum or some kind of animatronic, fake jungle walk through.

Nay, my friends. Nay.

Dinosaurs in the Wild is an interactive time-traveling performance. With a team of superb actors, you go in a time machine and travel back in time to see the human-made research facility there.


The journey starts with a car-ride simulation where you drive through a field of dinosaurs (wearing your special ‘safety goggles’ [aka: 3D glasses]) to the 4 level research facility.


The commitment the guides have to the story is unreal. While going through the different rooms, you will overhear conversations between guides that further develop the overall plot.

With a great sense of detail and authenticity, you are brought through the history of the invention of time travel and go through the various research labs the team is working on. There are visual effects, and even massive dinosaur puppets that bring the experience to life.


As a learning facility, Dinosaurs in the Wild have a resident paleontologist and strive to keep the information accurate (the dinosaurs even have feathers!) There’s even a dinosaur autopsy…


I don’t want to give too much away about the storyline, but it is thrilling. Though your group will probably have a lot of parents and children, this experience is equally as amazing for all ages.


Huge thanks to LovePopUpsLondon.com and Dinosaurs in the Wild for the opportunity!

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