Climbing the O2

by Regina Kenney

There’s an old adage that goes, “getting there is half the fun” – and boy is that true for climbing the O2 in London.

This was a unique London experience, where we climbed over one of the city’s most iconic buildings. We strapped on harnesses, hitched our carabiners to a wire, and made the trek over the building where the world’s biggest stars have performed.


Quick Facts about the O2: 

  • Building first opened in 2000.
  • It cost £789 million to build.
  • Bon Jovi played the first show (in 2007).
  • The fastest selling show to date was the Spice Girls reunion in 2007.
  • More than 600 artists have played there.
  • 60 million + people have visited the venue since it was built.



The climb was not extremely difficult. More of a leisurely incline with a brilliant background. The guides are extremely knowledgeable about the city and the building, pointing out unique facts along the way.

I was a bit wary about doing this activity because I have a fear of heights. If you share my affliction, do not worry. The building is so massive and the climb feels so safe that I didn’t have a moment of worry – it was all smiles and giggles the whole way up then down.

Highly recommend this activity. I don’t believe there’s anything quite like this experience in London.



Huge thanks to and the O2 for the opportunity!

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