Magical Cocktails at The Cauldron Pub in London

by Regina Kenney

Calling all Wizards and Witches who love libations…


The Cauldron Pub in London offers a unique cocktail experience where you create cocktails as if they were magic potions.

Upon entering you are given a robe and a wand and are ushered to your potion table. You are given a written out spell and different vials of liquids to create your cocktail.


There are many magical elements to the cocktail creation including substances that produce bubbling fog, touching your wand and turning the concoction in different colors, and even cocktails that involve fire.

There are many enchanted elements throughout the pub (Highly recommend taking a trip through the mysterious cupboard in the back). The decor is filled with interesting objects and the toilets are equally fascinating and a bit spooky.

Though the pub is not affiliated with Harry Potter, it is EXTREMELY Potteresque. So if you are a huge JK Rowling fan, this place is an absolute must.

Love Pop Ups London made this fantastic video documenting our experience:




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