7 Weird Things An ExPat Found in a British Grocery Store

by Regina Kenney

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to go into grocery stores, walk down the aisles, and see the differences (or similarities) in food types and brand.

Moving to London two years ago, I noticed some strange items down the aisles of Tesco. This may seem normal to Brits, but these items were bizarre to me… `

1.  Goose Fat


A huge section near the olive oil of little vats of Goose fat. I’m sure it makes dishes delicious… 

2. Tuna & Mayonnaise Paste


I don’t even know what this would be used for… 

3. Danish Ham


Not a fan of canned meat, so will not be trying this one. Sorry, Denmark.

4. American Style Hot Dogs


“In brine” …. *shudder… 

5. Gin & Tonic in a can


NOW we’re talking. 

6. Orkney Crab Pâté


It’s the ‘pâté’ that bothers me the most… 

7. Traditional Spanish Tortilla


Perhaps this is normal… but I’ve just, I’ve just never seen this. 


Know any other UK foods that seem “odd” to Americans? Post in the comments.

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