5 Things To Know Before You Go On the London Pedibus


by Regina Kenney

Ah, the London Pedibus. Great excuse to day drink, see the sights and get (a bit) of exercise.

I have been on many tours in London, and this by far was one of the best. You will not be getting a history lesson but rather you’ll experience the city in a unique way by being amongst the buses and hubbub that make London tick.

Here are five things to know before you head out to enjoy pedals and pubs…


1. Wear Layers


In general, because of the constant flux in weather, you should wear layers in London. But this is especially true on the Pedibus as you will go from being cold at the start to working up a sweat on the initial hills.

2. Strike a pose


Perhaps the most surprising element I experienced is how many people want to take your photo. You forget while on the massive multi-person bike that’s bumbling its way through streets that this is not a common occurrence and is in fact, a delightful sight to many tourists.

I tried taking my hair down because my photo was being taken so much, but this (as shown above) was problematic.

3. Wear an over-the-shoulder purse or a backpack (that has a zipper!)


The Pedibus does not go extremely fast. However, you are peddling on an open vehicle, so wearing a purse/bag that is easy-to-carry and has a zipper is the safest to make sure you don’t lose your things.

If you have a bag that’s too big, many of the people on the ride put it on the floor of the Pedibus.

4. Have a good phone grip

IMG_1615 (1)

You’re going to want to take a LOT of photos on this tour. In traffic, the Pedibus can start and stop a lot, so highly recommend a firm grip on your phone or, better yet, a wrist holder for your phone.

Also – don’t lean back too far when taking photos as you will be going down busy streets…


5. Dress the part


You’ll be on a large bicycle in front of hundreds of people as you go down the street. Wear comfortable shoes. DO NOT wear skirts or dresses. Highly recommend jeans and tennies for this adventure.



Big thanks to Pedibus London and Love Pop Ups London for the opportunity to experience this great activity! 

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