How To Find Wilkie Collins’ Grave in Kensal Green Cemetery

Literati Pulp

by Regina Kenney

When I first set out to see some famous writer’s tombstones for our #LiteratureGraves weekend, I thought I’d stroll in the cemetery, take a quick photo, and stroll out to the next site.

Boy, did I find out how wrong I was on my first stop to Kensal Green Cemetary trying to find Wilkie Collins’ grave.

Kensal Green Cemetery is massive.

I could not find a map or any main office. I started roaming around the cemetery, becoming more and more discouraged that I will ever find the grave.

So what does a modern woman do when lost in a graveyard? Google.

IMG_2349.JPGThe internet has rarely let me down, but wow, did it let me down this time.

I could not find any map of the cemetery. The only directions I could find was a description of the tombstone (“non-descript, plain cross”… thanks, Wilkie.) and a tour site…

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