5 Quirky Aspects of Skoob Books in London

Literati Pulp

by Regina Kenney


For Literati Pulp’s #BuyUsedBooks month, my brother and I took to the streets of London to find the best second-hand bookstores the city had to offer.

Skoob-Books-CoverThough there are many great bookshops in London (top ten list coming soon) one stood out as the best…

Skoob Books has everything you would want in a bookshop: coziness, large and diverse selection, friendly atmosphere, and even that special old book smell.

Here is a list of five quirky aspects of Skoob Books that sets it apart from other bookstores.

1. Ton of Classic Penguin Books

Between the stacks in Skoobs Books are two large bookshelves filled with the classic Penguin books.

I couldn’t even get all of them in one photo!

I was so enthralled with this collection, I went down an internet rabbit hole researching the design and history of Penguin books.

From the onset of Penguin Publications…

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